About the CCSA

In 1980, a group of Chinese churches from downtown Toronto made an effort to connect with each other, and foster fun and fellowship using the game of softball. During the inaugural season in 1981, 6 teams formed the first instance of the Chinese Christian Softball Association (CCSA).

Over the years, more churches and teams have joined the league. To address the growing age variance, the league created separate divisions for Junior (high school-aged players) and Senior (after high school) players. Besides handing out championship awards to the division winners, the league also presents the Most Appreciated Team (MAT) award each season to deserving teams, as chosen by their peers.

Now, the league spans across all corners of the Greater Toronto Area (and in some cases, beyond), with games being played all across the city. But the purpose remains the same: recreation, outreach, leadership development, fellowship.

In 2021, the Chinese Christian Softball Association decided to change its name to the Christian Community Softball Association.

Our Vision

To inspire participants to build communities and to grow through and in the game of softball according to Kingdom values in and beyond the CCSA.

Our Mission

In partnership with local churches, we will build God's Kingdom through the game of softball by supporting recreation, outreach, fellowship and leadership development.