CCSA is holding a Fall Ball Mini-Tournament!

Where: Parks will be determined based on division you will be placed in
When: Every Weekend starting September 9th, Ending September 30th.
Time: All games will start at 2 or 4 pm.
Fee: $10/person (This is to cover the cost of park permits), due on August 15th before the Seniors playoff meeting. This year all payments can be made online.

The games will be structured just as normal season, devotions will follow all games.

Fall ball is open to participants from all division. However, you must already have a CCSA Player ID to be eligible to play. Sign ups are available through the web dashboard system.

Fall Ball FAQ

How many teams? How many games?
Both to be determined based on number of registered participants/teams. Deadline to register is August 15.

How to register?
Register as an individual, group or team. A team is at least a group of 9, including 3 girls and 1 governor (from the current season). Individuals and groups will then be added to teams or put together to form a team.

Who can register?
Anyone who signed up for the current CCSA season.

Does that mean Juniors could get mixed with Seniors?
Yes, just like in Varsity.

Are team names required? Will uniforms be enforced?
No for team names, less restrictions on uniforms - no requirements for team names and patches; common sense and decency still expected for appropriate attire. Teams will be assigned colours.

How will equipment work?
League will provide game balls (still figuring out how this will be distributed), "Fall Ball teams" will be responsible for providing bases/cones like a regular season home team.

Umpiring? Rules?
Self ump - there will be no third team officiating. Rules will be the same as regular season besides those stated (ie umpiring, uniforms, etc). Devotions are still expected to occur before/after each game.

No "no-play-dates". No rescheduling.