League Executives

The league is run by volunteers from various churches across the Greater Toronto Area. At least once a month, they gather to discuss league issues, plan for the coming season, and have a time of fellowship and prayer for the league, the teams, leaders, players and each other.

If you are interested in joining the execs as either a full-time volunteer or an event helper, please feel free to contact us.

The current group of executives consists of:


Head: Vacant

Pastoral Advisor

Head: Vacant (By Committee)


Head: Roland C. (Grace Chinese Gospel Church)


Head: Patrick S. (Toronto Chinese Presbyterian Church)


Head: Jonathan W. (Toronto Chinese Community Church)


Head: John L. (East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church)
Assistant(s): Vacant

Information System

Head: Nathan S. (East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church)
Assistant(s): Philip T. (North Toronto Chinese Baptist Church)

Social Media:

Head: Jason L. (Bridle Trail Baptist Church)


Head: Simeon W. (New Hope Fellowship)
Assistant(s): Daniel C. (Grace Chines Gospel Church)


Head: Huntley L. (Richmond Hill Chinese Baptist Church)
Assistant(s): Vacant

Conduct Accountability Standards of Excellence (C.A.S.E.)

Head: Adrian L. (Toronto Chinese Methodist Church)

Executive Goals for 2018

The following CCSA Executive Goals for 2018 were developed from feedback provided by league participants through the 2017 Year-End Evaluation. Year-End Evaluation surveys are sent out to participants of the league in order to determine how well the league is achieving its vision and mission, and identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

For more information on how year-end surveys are developed, how they inform executive goal-setting and direction for the league, or to assist with year-end evaluations and ongoing advocacy, please email Stephanie Cheung at Stephanie.cheung@ccsasoftball.net