League Executives

The league is run by volunteers from various churches across the Greater Toronto Area. At least once a month, they gather to discuss league issues, plan for the coming season, and have a time of fellowship and prayer for the league, the teams, leaders, players and each other.

If you are interested in joining the execs as either a full-time volunteer or an event helper, please feel free to contact us.

The current group of executives consists of:


Head: Nathan T. (Christ Emmanuel Community Church)

Pastoral Advisor

Head: Vacant (By Committee)


Head: Leanne C. (Chinese Gospel Church Toronto)


Head: Patrick S. (Toronto Chinese Presbyterian Church)


Head: Jonathan W. (Toronto Chinese Community Church)


Head: Vacant
Assisstant(s): Roland C. (Grace Chinese Gospel Church) and Brian L. (East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church)

Information System

Head: Nathan S. (East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church)
Assistant(s): Philip T. (North Toronto Chinese Baptist Church)

Public Relations

Head: Rebbecca L. (Toronto Chinese Methodist Church)

Special Projects

Head: Vacant (By Committee)


Head: Simeon W. (Toronto Chinese Methodist Church)
Assisstant(s): Huntley L. (Richmond Hill Chinese Baptist Church)

Conduct Accountability Standards of Excellence (C.A.S.E.)

Head: Adrian L. (Toronto Chinese Methodist Church)