Rule Changes

Each year, the CCSA Executive Committee proposes and debates changes to league rule in order to improve gameplay and experience for all players. For the 38th season, CCSA rules has changed and the following rules will be effective immediately.

The following only reflect changes, for full rules, please visit on our rules page.


The following are amendments to existing rules and are effective as of the 2018 season.

Maximum Age of Players in Junior Division

Updated Rule in 2017

The Junior division is restricted to those whose CCSA-age is between 14 to 19 years inclusive.

New rule: The Junior division is restricted to those whose CCSA-age is between 14 to 18 years old inclusive.

Junior Leadership

Also scheduled for 2018 and following years the CCSA will be allowing up to two team members to be 19 years old.

These members must obtain a Letter of Approval from their supervising pastor acknowledging that they are to be mentors to future leaders.

They will assume a role of either Assistant Governor or Assistant Coach.

There will be a maximum of 1 Male and 1 Female that is 19.

Reasoning for this rule change is to allow up to two older teens to mentor/coach younger leaders AND be allowed to play on the team.

Substitution Runners

Rule as of 2017

Substitute runners for injured batters are allowed only after the batter has made it to first base and the play is over. The substitute must be the last out of the same sex. Other injured runners may also be substituted for once the play is over. A maximum of three such substitutions per team per game are allowed. Such injured players need not necessarily be removed from the game (as this is not strictly considered a substitution).

NOTE: Substitutions are ONLY limited to injury substitutions. Substitution can only occur with a player who is registered on the team with the league, who is not on the active batting lineup. In the case where an injury occurs to a batter who is not sharing a spot and is unable to bat, that batting slot is now skipped and no out is recorded. The batting slot cannot be replaced by a player who is already alternating. However, in the event that the injured player is a female, and the female-male ratio specified in 3.1 & 3.3 is upset:

A batting order for the injured player's line-up spot shall consist of the remaining females in the line-up starting with the female who hits previous to the injured, in the order opposite to that on the current line-up.

Should a female be on base but is either scheduled to hit in this spot or in her normal batting position, she shall be substituted for on the base path, and go up to bat. The substitution shall be the last female who got out.

New Rule: Substitutions can only occur with any eligible player of the same sex, who is registered on the team with the league. Once a player has been used as a substitute runner, they cannot be used as substitute runner for the remainder of the game.

Addendum: If during his/her turn at-bat, the scheduled batter is on base due to a substitution and there are no substitutions remaining, the batter will be called out.

Reasoning for this rule change is due to minimize delays caused as a result of determining the last out


The following are additional new rules and are effective as of the 2018 season.

Helmet Rules

New rule
(CCSA did not implement helmet rules in the past.)

The new helmet rule will be comprised of 3 additional clauses in the Uniform and Equipment Section of the official CCSA Rules.

Rule 1

New rule: For all players in the Junior division, regardless of age, helmets are mandatory for batters, on-deck batters and base runners. In addition, pitchers must wear a helmet with an attached face cage. This rule also applies to players under the age of 18 (on the date of the game) playing in the Varsity or Senior division. Team leaders are responsible to ensure their players are wearing helmets as required.

Rule 2

New rule: In the Junior division, failure to provide proper helmets will result in a loss of equipment point. This offence must be noted on the score sheet. If the opposing team chooses to help supply helmets, they will gain the bonus equipment point. If they do not, then the game will be forfeited to the other team.

Rule 3

New rule: In the Varsity or Senior divisions, failure to provide proper helmets will result in the player will not be eligible to play. If this results in a team being unable to provide the minimum number of players, then the game will be forfeited to the other team.