Welcome to the 42nd season of the CCSA!

For our 42nd CCSA season, our theme emphasizes the importance of empowerment and recognizes the role more experienced leaders have in softball ministry. Last season, our theme was an encouragement for participants to be examples of His character and to take ownership of their role as leaders, players, and supporters of their teams and church communities. This year’s theme is a continuation of this message and focuses on the building up of leaders and continued perseverance on and off the field.

Proverbs 3:5 – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Proverbs 3:5 urges leaders to trust in the Lord with all their hearts and lean not on their own understanding. Translated to the softball diamond, this means trusting in the training, guidance, and wisdom provided by more experienced leaders and relying on a collective understanding of teamwork and strategy by working with fellow leaders. By submitting to a higher purpose within the context of the sport, leaders can navigate the challenges of the game with a sense of purpose and trust in the divine guidance that shapes their individual and team paths.

Philippians 4:13 takes on a powerful resonance in the softball context, becoming a rallying cry for players facing the physical and mental demands of the game. “I can hit that pitch, make that play, or lead my team to victory through Him who gives me strength” becomes a mantra for leaders on the softball field. In a leadership role within the team, this scripture becomes a source of empowerment, instilling the belief that, with faith and dependence on God, a leader can overcome challenges, improve their skills, and contribute positively to their team’s success.

We encourage all participants to set an example through sportsmanship, trust in the collective guidance of coaches and teammates, and build God’s Kingdom through recreation, outreach, fellowship and leadership development. Leaders are reminded that their impact reaches beyond the scoreboard; it influences the dynamics of their team, fostering an environment where others are inspired to follow suit. By embodying the virtues outlined in these passages, leaders can leave a lasting mark on their teams and communities, shaping a new generation of players who lead with skill, resilience, and a profound faith in their abilities and the greater purpose of the game.

Player registration

Sign up for a CCSA softball team through one of our member churches using the CCSA Dashboard! All CCSA teams are hosted and sponsored by a church, and team registrations are managed by each church individually.

CCSA is a recreational league, with a unique distributed umpiring system, and playoffs. Our teams are divided into youth, adult recreational, and adult beginner divisions.

I don’t have a home church

One of our member churches would love to have you on their team!

We’d love to connect you with a church team. Please reach out to us at info@ccsasoftball.net or see our directory of member churches.

My church plays CCSA softball

Speak to your church leadership for more information about joining your church’s team!

They’ll be able to help you figure out which team is most appropriate for your age and small group within the church!

My church doesn’t have a team

Reach out to us, or ask your church leadership to reach out to us for more information about starting a softball ministry at your church!

We’d love to chat further with you.

Player requirements

  1. We welcome players of all faiths!
  2. Players may only join one team and may not transfer to another team after the registration deadline.
  3. Divisional age requirements:
    • Junior division: 14-18 years inclusive
    • Senior Tier 1 (Recreational) division: 18 years and above
    • Senior Tier 2 (Beginner) division: 18 years and above
    • Note: For the purposes of eligibility, a player’s age is determined as of December 31st of the season’s year
    • In certain circumstances, junior-aged players may apply for a special exemption to play in the senior divisions. Please reach out to CASE (case@ccsasoftball.net) if you believe you need this exemption.

Team Registration

Team registration and fee payments can be completed through the CCSA Dashboard.

Each CCSA team must be sponsored by a Christian church and be led by at least one coach and one governor. Each team must also designate one leader responsible for scheduling and coordinating umpiring duties.

League divisions

Team leadership roles and duties

Supervising Pastor

  • Understand the league’s Statement of Faith
  • Should any issues or concerns arise with any teams within your church, you may be contacted
  • Should you or other church members have a concern about the CCSA, you may assist in passing on this information to the league

League Liaison

  • Assist in disseminating league communications and administrative procedures
  • Aiding in the registration of church teams and players
  • Attend organizational meetings
  • Be the main contact for any announcements that come from the CCSA
  • Should any problems arise with any team within your church, you may be contacted


The governor is primarily responsible for the spiritual care and health of their team members, although all team leaders are expected to care spiritually for their team:

  • Counsel, advise, correct and discipline team members from Scripture
  • Prepare, or assist in the preparation of, pre-game or post-game devotions for participating teams
  • Review and witness player registration forms
  • Address team concerns, and request assistance from the church and league when necessary


The coach is primarily responsible for the softball play for each team:

  • Ensure all participants are prepared and able to participate in league games
  • Promote safety through proper observation and training
  • Arrange team logistics and administration
  • Submit required information to the league in a timely manner (e.g. score sheets, registration forms, etc)

Lead umpire

Unique to the CCSA’s distributed umpiring system, each team’s lead umpire assists the coach with rule knowledge, and coordinates and schedules certified umpires and knowledgeable players to fulfill their team’s umpiring duties:

  • Ensure all participants are familiar with league rules and educate when necessary
  • Communicate to the team new rules, rule amendments, clarifications
  • Provide/coordinate umpires to officiate designated league games
  • Inform the league of any issues or incidents that may occur during officiated games

Team name guidelines

While CCSA respects the right of each team to choose a team name that best reflects the team’s objectives and character, we ask that the following guidelines be adhered to:

  • Team names should glorify God.
  • Acronyms or names that do not clearly or obviously relate to Biblical teachings should nevertheless have a meaning that is consistent with the mission of the CCSA. The league may ask team leadership to elaborate upon the meaning behind the team’s name.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that team names do not have secondary meanings that may be misinterpreted or misconstrued in a manner that is hurtful or inconsistent with Biblical teachings.
  • Team names must be approved by the supervising pastor of that team.
  • Teams are not allowed to register with name that has the same “root” or one that is substantially similar to an existing or previous team within the past 5 seasons.
    Example: A team will not be allowed to register “Christians Jr.” if the name “Christians” has already been used by any other team in either the junior or senior division. Similarly, a team will not be allowed to register “Christians II” if “Christians” or “Christians I” has already been registered.

The league reserves the right to reject names that are clearly inconsistent with the mission of the CCSA. The league will contact teams if it feels that a team name is problematic. In general, the league will not reject any name that was used by that team in the prior season.

Game diamonds